monk in the cracks

pieter douma’s dorkus maximus

Record is out now!
We’ve captured the vibe of a number of Thelonious Monk's songs and brought them to life in our times.
Jazzism published a review october 2022: we're fearless fighters!

Rocco Romano - guitars
André Groen - drums
Alan 'Gunga' Purves - drums and sounds
Frank Nielander - saxophones

Pieter Douma - basses, keys

We’ll capture the vibe of a number of his genius songs and bring them to life in our times. Keep y’all posted.

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Distribution by Zennez Records.

We're connected to Nationaal Podium Plan.


'The Duke in Heaven'

A tribute to Duke Ellington, recorded at The Cabin in Veghel. Thanx Mec!

'My sisters and I'

A song to honour family, especially my 5 sweet sisters...

Thanx to: André Groen, René Creemers, Eric van Dijsseldonk, Johan Jansen, Ton Scheepers, Nico Huijbregts, Funs Douma.

Recorded at Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt’s Gallowaystudio.